Image of For All Time: A Nantucket Brides Novel (Nantucket Brides Trilogy)


Image of For All Time: A Nantucket Brides Novel (Nantucket Brides Trilogy)

For All Time, the second in Deveraux’s Nantucket Bride trilogy, is a beautifully written story with a refreshing old-romance feel. The familiar storyline of twins trading places is timeless, especially when written by such a gifted voice. Many readers will be familiar with the characters in the Montgomery-Taggerts family, but those new to the series won’t have trouble keeping up. Fans of Deveraux will be delighted, while new readers will fall in love with her signature writing style.

Accidental wedding planner Toby Wyndam has created a romantic wedding at an elegant chapel in Nantucket while serving double-duty as a bridesmaid. All eyes should be on the bride, but the groom’s cousin Graydon’s are firmly fixed on graceful beauty Toby. Not only has Toby stolen his affection, but she also fulfills the family prophecy — she can tell the difference between Graydon and his twin brother, Rory. Even though Toby is Graydon’s true love according to the family legend, he knows there is no way they can be together; Graydon is the heir to the Lanconian throne and has been betrothed to the woman who will be his queen. Taken with Toby, he decides to stay in Nantucket for one week of freedom from all royal obligations. They vow to be just friends, but there are powers beyond their control that are bringing them together. (BALLANTINE, Jul., 400 pp., $27.00)

Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes