ALL TOGETHER IN ONE PLACE is a compelling love story, sweet in intimacy and rich in human drama. Seasons of love play out in the relationships of pioneers traveling from Wisconsin to California on the Oregon Trail.

On the long journey, 15-year-old Tipton Wilson experiences the fragile infatuation of first love with the wagon trains blacksmith. Asian mail-order brides seeking a new life strengthen their commitment to husbands yet unseen. And mature love flowers as experienced couples nurture each other and their children on the long journey across the Oregon Trail.

When a cholera epidemic strikes all their men, the women struggle with the decision to either return to Wisconsin or go on to California and fulfill their husbands dreams. They are forced to draw the strength from within themselves, fanning long-dampened coals of hopes for dreams not yet realized, and aspirations still untried. They discover each woman is complete unto herself yet incomplete alone.

This beautiful novel speaks to the heart of human relationships—full in love. Jane Kirkpatricks book is a treasure, well worth reaching beyond our genre to experience. (Apr., 416 pp., $11.00)

Reviewed by: 
Roberta Blair