Image of All U Can Eat (Berkley Sensation)


Image of All U Can Eat (Berkley Sensation)
In the course of 24 hours, diner owner Frankie Smith's life turns upside down. First, her longtime boyfriend dumps her and gets engaged to another woman. Then a local socialite, who's also the best friend of the new fiancee, turns up murdered behind the diner, leaving Frankie on the short list of suspects.

As Frankie works to clear her name, a progression of suitors lines up to comfort her in the most personal of ways. Before long, Frankie is caught up in a whirlwind of sexual activities that, ironically, point her in the direction of the real killer -- and toward her soul mate.

What a difference a day makes! This is an interesting combination of genres -- part mystery, part erotica and part love story. Holly does an excellent job of moving the mystery and Frankie's erotic encounters along without losing reader interest in either. Frankie is a sexy, sympathetic and likeable heroine, which makes it a tad difficult to believe her shift from monogamous girlfriend to total promiscuity in just one day.

Also, the other characters -- with the exception of chief of police Jack West -- are not fully developed beyond their explicit sexual encounters, and this weakens an otherwise strong story. All in all, this is an enjoyably steamy read. (May, 272 pp., $13.00)
Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Schneider