The long-awaited sequel to Too Deep for Tears spills from the pages with all the dark beauty and high drama of an ancient highland legend that winds its way around your heart.

In 1988 Eva Crawford discovers the truth of her parentage. Her search for the mother she never knew leads to a trunk in a Glasgow attic and a yellowed journal written by Ailsa Rose, Eva's great-grandmother.

The remarkable story begins in 1882 when Ailsa returns home to Glen Affric, shortly after her husband's death and her daughter's wedding. Her arrival coincides with that of Duncan Fraser, Ailsa's childhood sweetheart.

Soon Duncan and his brother Ian are pitted against each other, just as Duncan's desire for progress is at odds with Ian's love for the land. Old jealousies, rivalries and passion reignite, leading them to tragedy.

Enthralled by her ancestor's story, Eva goes to Glen Affric to fully understand the meaning of her life and to put her mother's soul to rest, completing a circle begun a century past.

There is a magical, lyrical quality about this tale, an ancient mysticism that draws the reader into the richly textured lives and loves of these remarkable women. Follow Eva into Ailsa's world and learn not only about the tragedy and triumphs of the past, but the joy to come in the future.

Kathryn Lynn Davis holds you spellbound as she exquisitely evokes a unique time and memorable people. I longed to learn more about the other women of Glen Affric. You will enjoy following your heart and listening to the melody of her book. SENSUAL (Aug., 500 pp., $5.99) Reprint.

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin