Evan Maxwell, half of the extraordinary A.E. Maxwell team, shines brilliantly with this poignant, haunting tale of love, loss and redemption.

Dane Corvin knows the pain and heartache that comes from losing your soulmate. Twenty years earlier, while on an undercover assignment for the Fish and Wildlife Service, Dane had been forced to deceive Helen Raven and arrest her brother Waldo for poaching. Helen and Dane's sudden and intensely passionate love was unable to withstand the cruel light of truth. Bitter and hurt, Helen banished Dane from her life.

Two decades later Dane returns to Puget Sound to comfort and aid his beloved Uncle Dewey who is slowly losing his battle with cancer. Dane discovers that Helen, now widowed, still resides in the area, making a living as an artist. She also has a college-aged son named Josh. After 20 years of silence, will old wounds heal enough to allow the forging of a new relationship?

Helen Hartel is not so sure. Dane's betrayal nearly destroyed her when she was an innocent young woman. But she, too, betrayed Dane by keeping Josh's paternity a carefully guarded secret. If she allows him back into her life, all secrets will have to be revealed. Will Dane, or for that matter Josh, be able to accept the truth and forgive the lost years?

ALL THE WINTERS THAT HAVE BEEN is a moving, bittersweet novel that vividly reveals the complex emotions that brought great sorrow and great joy to a pair of lovers who fear they may have lost forever their one chance at happiness. A wonderful read. (July, 240 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith