Image of All the Wrong Moves (A Samantha Spade Mystery)


Image of All the Wrong Moves (A Samantha Spade Mystery)

The always excellent Lovelace switches gears and launches a humorous and fast-paced mystery series featuring a military geek squad. In Air Force Lt. Samantha Spade, Lovelace has created a funny and indomitable heroine who may be in a bit over her head, but she won't let that stop her. Humor plus action plus murder equals a great time.

As Future Systems Test Cadre Three or FST-3, Lt. Samantha Spade and her team are charged with evaluating and testing technologies for possible military applications. The newest gizmo that Samantha takes for a spin is Ergonomic Exoskeletal Extension, or EEEK, which gives her speed and strength. While running through the desert at 2 in the morning during a test run, Samantha literally steps into a decomposing body.

Two men have been murdered, and the discovery of their identities creates an alphabet soup of bureaucracy for the investigation, including Border Patrol agent Jeff "Mitch" Mitchell. Samantha and Mitch join forces to solve this crime, but when Samantha's lab is torched, she realizes that someone is trying to intimidate her. (BERKLEY PRIME CRIME, Nov., 240 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith