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Image of All for You


Image of All for You

Kurland gives her readers yet another colorful trip through time. Readers of the De Piaget series will love reconnecting with familiar couples and thoroughly enjoy meeting her newest hero and heroine. The only difficulty for new readers will be keeping all the characters and their relationships straight.

Peaches Alexander has been successfully dismissing Stephen de Piaget for months, finding him both stuffy and rude. But then he saves her dignity, her pride and her life at a weekend party at the Duke of Kenneworth’s estate. After coming to the sad conclusion that all the duke was interested in was her virtue, she flees, and a misstep in the garden sends her back to medieval England.

It is up to Stephen to bring her back. Seeing him in a whole new light, she is slowly becoming attracted to him and fighting it. Stephen has been in love with Peaches since he first saw her and, unfortunately, this knowledge has by turns rendered him either speechless or awkward. He knows what he has to do when Peaches accidentally steps through her first time gate. When outside forces pressure their relationship, they must summon all of their trust and some help from friends to come out on the other side. (JOVE, May, 320 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Cooper