Bell has created a wonderfully suspenseful story of steamy passion and surprising twists in a complex world of angels and demons. Though the heroine’s insecurities and the hero’s dominance are at times out of balance, the love story between these charismatic, scarred characters is beautifully redemptive and memorable. Heavy-handed exposition sometimes interrupts the flow, but once the plot gets moving, this story demands to be finished, and with a plentiful cast of characters, there are high hopes for the series to come.

Abby Marcheson suffered horribly at the hands of her ex-boyfriend and is trying to rebuild her life, surrounded by friends and her gorgeous neighbor, Seth. Though she’s dreamed of being with Seth, her brother’s best friend, for years, Abby has always been too nervous to get close — until a stalker breaks into her house, bringing all the terrors she once endured out of her nightmares and back to vivid reality. Forced to turn to Seth for protection, Abby finds not only strength and courage, but also the chance for a love she never dreamed possible. But Abby can’t guess is that Seth is a Nephilim, dedicated to defending Earth from fallen angels. And he’ll protect the woman he loves, even if it means unleashing hell itself. (CARINA, Jan., 159 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown