Image of The All You Can Dream Buffet: A Novel


Image of The All You Can Dream Buffet: A Novel

O’Neal’s latest is a sweet tale of friendship and love. Two of the four female characters are fully developed, and readers get a true sense of their motivations. Yet the other two remain on the periphery, detracting a bit from the story. This doesn’t matter much in the end, because the heartwarming novel will touch the soul and resonate long afterward.

Four food bloggers meet online: 85-year-old Lavender, a honey and lavender farmer; Ginny, a Kansas housewife with a gift for baking and photography; Ruby, a pregnant vegan chef; and Val, a former wine blogger raising her daughter alone after a tragedy. When the women venture to Lavender’s farm to celebrate her birthday, they discover a great deal about themselves as women and about what they need to move forward. (BANTAM, Mar., 400 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel