From the intriguing world of the Oroborus society to the flashes of the characters’ past lives throughout the ages, this series second about reincarnated lovers Haven and Iain absolutely shines. Miller’s voice is fresh and rings clear, so even those who have not read the series starter will be able to quickly pick up the threads of the story. Furthermore, it is easy to connect with heroine Haven Moore as she struggles to figure out who is trustworthy in this murky world. Iain and Adam make intriguing leading men as they compete for Haven’s heart. Miller unfolds this love triangle with incredible precision, giving readers glimpses of the past when Haven has decided between the two men in her former lives. This novel neatly wraps up mysterious and paranormal elements in a romance that will leave readers anxious for the next installment.

Teen soul mates Haven and Iain have spent the last year in Rome, far away from the reach of the powerful Oroborous society. The Oroborous is a group of fellow souls that have been reincarnated time and again, just like Haven and Iain. The only reason that the young lovers have their freedom is that the society, and its unearthly leader Adam who is obsessed with Haven, believe that Iain is dead. However when word comes that Haven’s best friend Beau is in terrible danger, she and Iain rush back to New York City. They attempt to rescue Beau by any means possible, even if that means playing a dangerous game with Adam and his nemesis the Horae, an ancient power that don’t care if Haven’s life becomes collateral damage. (RAZORBILL, August, 423 pp., $17.99, ISBN: 97815952325, 12& up)

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