Image of Allegiance: A River of Souls Novel


Image of Allegiance: A River of Souls Novel

The fantastic River of Souls series concludes in a very satisfying manner with Allegiance. Bernobich does a fantastic job of wrapping up the series with all the characters remaining true to themselves, even as their choices may surprise the reader a bit. A mix of happy and unhappy endings leaves a hint of realism at just the right level, and the only niggling criticism is the overuse, in this reviewer’s opinion, of spirituality rather than magic.

King Leos, who held the entirety of the Károví under his iron rule for centuries, has finally died thanks to the joining of the jewels by Ilse Zhalina and Valara Baussay. Now, as the political fallout of the despotic king’s death spreads through all the kingdoms, Ilse tries desperately to find out if her beloved Raul still lives, while she and Valara fight their way back across the lands to their homes. Ilse doesn’t understand how far the fallout will follow her, but quickly discovers there are few, if any, safe havens. (TOR, Nov., 320 pp., $25.99)
Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs