Image of Allegiance Sworn (A Novel of the Light Blade)


Image of Allegiance Sworn (A Novel of the Light Blade)

The third outing in Griffin’s rousing Light Blade series provides readers with a breathtakingly strong and dedicated heroine willing to fight and sacrifice for her people. Griffin keeps the tension running high as the world she created heads ever closer to war. This is a series that is definitely improving with age!

Since the murder of her family by political foes, Imhara Kaal has been the clan leader for her people as they all live a dangerous double life. Defying typical Na’Reish practices, the Kaal clan secretly lives by the Old Ways, meaning they don’t enslave humans and they also accept the half-blood Na’Chi. However, if these facts are discovered, it would mean the annihilation of the clan. Light Blade warrior Arek Barial was wounded and captured by Na’Reish blood slavers, but thanks to a heroic sacrifice, his true identity is still a secret. Arek is claimed by Imhara and is determined to die fighting, though he is puzzled by her claims of wanting an alliance. One thing they agree on? Evil Na’Reish leader Savyr must die. (BERKLEY, Apr., 416 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith