An extraordinary end to an extraordinary series. Crafting the finale to such a beloved and popular trilogy can be no easy feat, but Roth pulls it off, big time. As the world the characters inhabit expands, so do the themes, emotions and plots, making Allegiant a truly memorable and impressive read. Amidst the drama and ever-widening stakes, Roth provides a neat view into a futuristic Chicago — and don't worry, there's still some lovely romance. Alternating viewpoints between Tris and Tobias provide an interesting peek into an different perspective of their world, which fans will enjoy. While this reviewer won't mention the ending for fear of spoiling it for fans, I feel that Roth really earned her finale. Allegiant is a triumph, and I can't wait to see what Roth does next.

Tris, Tobias and the crew are dealing with the fallout from the revelation that they've all been living inside an experiment. Desperate to leave the city, to see what else is out there, to provide hope to those who need it with news of their Divergent genomes, the group must circumvent Tobias' mother, Evelyn, who has taken charge. Only what waits beyond will shock them and challenge everything they thought they knew. Tris must deal with her traitorous brother, her changing relationship with Tobias and even more deceit and lies. Is she up to the task? (HARPERCOLLINS, Oct., 544 pp., $19.99, ISBN: 9780062024060, HC, 13 & Up)

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Reviewed by: 
Marie Bongiorno