Reuel Shatar, the governor of Pyrali, decides to take Earthling Christa Kirklan as his wife because it seems her womb will provide him with a male heir.

Christa, whose outspoken ways have gotten her imprisoned, can either marry Reuel or be exiled. She makes the best of a bad situation, vowing that when she becomes lady of the land, earthlings will no longer be outcasts.

Lord Shatar is unaccustomed to a woman having her own mind and her own opinions. Where he is from, women speak only when spoken to. Despite their differences, Lord Shatar finds himself falling in love with Christa.

After Christas world literally comes crashing down around her, she learns that she not only has a responsibility to her people, whose lives hang in the balance, but to be honest with herself about her feelings for her lord.

Ms. Waddell weaves a tale thats out of this world. (Sep., 403 pp., dl $4.99, dk $6.99,

Reviewed by: 
Chandra Y. Sparks