Two wounded souls brought together by circumstance find themselves given the opportunity to heal and find the love they deserve in Alexis Harringtons beautifully rendered romance.

Althea Allie Ford, living on the outskirts of Decker Prairie with her sister, needs a man to help with the repairs on their home, but no one wants to work for the stiff-necked spinster and her strange sister.

Jefferson Hicks is the towns ex-sheriff who has been drowning his guilt in a bottle for two years. When hes arrested for egg stealing, hes sentenced to work off his time on Allies farm.

They open up to one another, but Allies promise to care for her sister, Olivias jealousy and sickness, as well as Jeffs past and a accusation of murder and the trial that follows threaten their very fragile bond.

Allie learns to put aside her fears and to fight for the man she loves at the risk of ruining her reputation and arousing her sisters ire and the towns anger. By allowing herself this once to fight for justice, she gains the freedom both she and Jeff need to find a future free of the shadows of the past.

Poignant and very tender, ALLIES MOON combines the softness and smalltown aura of an Americana romance with the true grit of a western. Alexis Harrington has hit upon a story that will capture readers and touch their hearts with its power and ability to portray the healing power of love. SENSUAL (Apr., 308 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin