Cerise Lindsay, Countess Rossborough, is an unusual woman; shes independent, brilliant and a talented sculptor. When her sister drowns in a late-night sailboat accident at her fiancis home, she wants to discover if it was an accident or murder.Blake Hargrove, Earl of Sandown, may not have approved of his brothers fiancie, but he would never resort to foul play. As an art dealer he is interested in the Rossboroughs extensive collection, especially a remarkable and sensual sculpture known as Allure. Hes even more interested in Cerise after seeing the young woman boldly admire a statue of a nude male, setting his blood on fire. Cerise cannot deny her attraction to Blake, and they agree to work together to expose the truth, devising a plan to lure the killer out of hiding. The backdrop of the art world in Victorian England adds an intriguing twist to a Gothic-style thriller that would make Victoria Holt proud. Cleverly crafted and carefully researched, ALLURE is a historical mystery buffs cup of tea. SENSUAL (Oct., 337 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin