This novella from the Amber Heat line is a steamy werewolf story with memorable characters. Carter brings out emotion in her heroine and sex appeal in her mouth-watering hero. The story is well plotted and there’s enough action to move the pace along. It’s an entertaining entry in the shapeshifter genre.

Erin Balfour’s father, a lycanthrope, abandoned her when she was a baby. She’s renounced her heritage and tries to live her life as a human. But when her father is murdered by his pack’s new alpha, it’s up to her to protect the pack’s welfare. That means posing as the mate of lone wolf Raoul, so they can infiltrate the pack and look for the amulet that will prove she’s the heir to the bloodline. She wants to get it over with and return to life as a human. But the strong attraction between her and Raoul is hard to resist. (AMBERQUILL.COM, dl $4.00)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski