When she's hung for murder, Hilary Brown is given a chance to redeem her soul. She must return to Columbine, Colorado, until 1999 or she finds the person who really belongs there. Hilary's been in Columbine for decades, haunting the only habitable building in town when Zach Ryan arrives.

Aerospace engineer Zach is thrilled to inherit Columbine until he finds out it's a ghost town, literally. Meeting the town's lone inhabitant dressed as a saloon girl has him confused, but once he understands that Hilary's not quite flesh and blood it's even more of a shock. Something about Hilary, maybe her earnestness, her sweetness or her innate sexuality, has him falling in love.

Hilary is amazed at her physical reactions to Zach and the strange and wondrous feeling he evokes in her heart and soul. Zach is determined to find a way to save Hilary and the town when he is suddenly swept back into Hilary's time.

Though Zach remembers everything, she knows nothing of the stranger who arrives out of nowhere, except that she's undeniably attracted to him. Zach will not allow history to repeat itself. He wants Hilary's love in his time or hers.

Deb Stover is a real original who captivates readers with her ingenious time travels. This is another delight from a real gem of the genre. It's a funny, sexy, poignant tale of falling in love-not once, but twice-of second chances and dreams coming true. The humor, goodness, individuality and wonder of the love in the story shine on every page and no one will want this one to end. (Nov., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin