Carolly Hensen gets another shot at life—actually it's her fifth or sixth. She is certain that with each incarnation she is closer to earning her angel's wings. Her task is to match the people she meets with their true loves, but she faces danger when she falls in love with her assignment, the Earl of Traynern.

When James Northan finds Carolly severely beaten he can't help but offer aid. Carolly's unconventional soul forever alters the severe, brooding James into the man of her dreams. Then her defiant spirit helps the earl discover his holdings are in danger from a hidden enemy. Now all they have to do is survive long enough for her to earn her place in heaven.

Greyle's winning style offers up a fresh adventure in this unique tale. Set amidst tumultuous times, her wonderful characters offer each other a way to heal the wounds of the past and find the love of a lifetime in this lovely, heartwarming and fun read. SENSUAL (Nov., 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black