Look in the dictionary under "dysfunctional," and you will definitely find a picture of the Cahill family. In this terrific followup to Jackson's If She Only Knew, Cissy Cahill's life takes another dark turn as more of her family's twisted secrets are revealed. This book is creepy to the extreme!

Since her murderous mother Marla escaped from prison, Cissy Cahill Holt's life has taken a surreal turn. Cissy's marriage to Jack Holt is on the rocks, but her joy in her infant son B.J.

is intense. Then Cissy's wealthy grandmother Eugenia Cahill is murdered, and everyone suspects that Marla is behind it. Is Marla stalking and murdering the remaining members of her family? If so, are Cissy and B.J. in her sights? Cissy doesn't know what to think as everyone seems to have a vested interest in Eugenia's money. But one thing is for sure: The danger and the madness are creeping ever closer to Cissy and her son. (ZEBRA, Aug., 419 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith