This page-turner is set in the world of Washington, D.C. power brokers — and the three leading ladies are taking names! They are hot and smoking. So, kick back, enjoy and keep that lemonade handy to cool yourself off.

Sherise, Erica and Billie have been friends forever, from childhood to their current career paths in D.C. Sherise and Justin Robinson are new parents to their daughter Cady, but Sherise is not sure Justin is the father. Erica is involved in an on again/off again pairing with Terrell, who is shady at best, while trying to deal with her teenage younger brother Nate. Terrell’s negative influence on the teen draws Erica’s estranged father, Jonah, into the picture. He tries to get Nate on the right track, while also attempting to bond with Erica. Next up is Billie, the legal hot-shot who is determined to continue her pro bono work after joining a top-flight law firm. Necessity, after her divorce, is her reason for joining the firm, but she refuses to let her needy clients fend for themselves. (DAFINA, Sep., 336 pp, $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Laura Ellis