Image of Almost a Family


Image of Almost a Family

Alward's tale is a quick read, but there's little in the way of conflict
to draw the reader in. The tension between the hero and heroine doesn't seem realistic. If either actually talked
to the other, there'd be no story. Readers may empathize more with
the hero and the heroine's sister
than with the heroine, although
it's hard to believe that the sister
never once mentioned who her
neighbor was.

When Molly learns her sister has been hospitalized after an accident, she returns home to care for her toddler niece, who's been staying with the next-door neighbor. Jason Elliot was Molly's college lover, but when he shared his dream for a future with her and proposed, she left town without a word. A big-city lawyer with thoughts only of advancing in her field, Molly has no idea how hard it can be to care for a small child.

Jason was happy to help out single mom Kim, but he and Kim weren't meant to be a couple. With Molly next door for a few weeks, the successful veterinarian is hoping that he'll either get the closure he needs after all these years, or make Molly realize that it's still possible for them to have a future together. (Samhain, Jul., 224 pp., $12.00)
Reviewed by: 
Karen Sweeny-Justice