Image of Almost Famous


Image of Almost Famous
What do you get when two well-known people try to recuperate while staying out of the public eye? In the case of Gina Wilkins' Almost Famous (4), a wonderfully fun book. NASCAR driver Jake Henson is recuperating at a friend's cabin after a boating accident injures him and kills his best friend. Jake is intrigued by his next-door neighbor, Stacy Carter, and her adorable Yorkie. Stacy is at her brother's cabin hiding out from the press after she disarms a thief much larger than she is. The publicity is bad enough, but when the press finds out her father was a famous -- and infamous -- politician, she literally heads for the hills. While both are attracted to each other, neither recognizes the other. What follows is a dance of romance as each tries to figure out a way to come clean about their identity.
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Cindy Himler