Mr. Philip "Phizz" Marston has taken the ton by storm. His "cold unerring eye for style and deadly instinct for exclusivity" make him the man to follow. Few ever suspect that this gentleman of grace and charm is really a woman—a woman whose emotional pain drives her need for vengeance. Lord David Hervey is fascinated with Mr. Marston, and his curiosity, mingling with a strange desire, leads him to uncover the gentleman's true identity and the reasons behind Phoebe's charade.

Phoebe trusts few people and no men with her secrets, but something in David compels her to take him into her life, first as a lover and then as a partner when her life is threatened.

Pam Rosenthal makes a lovely debut with a titillating erotic romance that captures the dignified Regency era from clothing to mores, entertainment to sexuality. She taps into the stuff of female fantasies: an empowered heroine able to bring men to their knees and a handsome, sexy, strong yet sensitive hero. Rosenthal has a glittering future in the genre. VERY SENSUAL (May, 314 pp.,$14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin