Kyra, the muse of good fortune, has been given a year by her father, Zeus, to prove that she can still convince modern-day humans to believe in luck. Working at a casino in Las Vegas, Kyra has one month to go when the casino owner sends professional gambler Jake Lennox, masquerading as his nephew, to investigate financial losses at the casino.

Kyra is one of his main suspects, even though Jake is attracted to her and has a hard time believing that she could be a thief. And the feeling's mutual. Kyra is attracted to Jake, which is against the rules. Falling in love with a mortal not only means she'll have to sacrifice her home on Olympus, but her immortality as well.

This is the first offering in a new trilogy by McCoy. The story, involving the gods and goddesses of myth, is imaginative and enjoyable. At first, the hero comes across as a jerk, but he's slowly revealed to be a caring, sensitive man suffering from low self-esteem. The heroine is a fine match for him. (Jun., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley