When a fatal car accident sends Angelica Rhodes to Heaven's Gates she insists on a chance to help those she left behind, her dearly beloved husband and infant daughter. But before she can have that "second chance," Angelica must learn what it means to be a guardian angel.

With a loving and humorous guide named Al she moves back in time and into past lives everywhere from Ancient Rome and Spain to the lava-covered city of Pompeii and even America during the Civil War, to better understand her place in time and her connection to her family.

As Angelica pieces together her past lives she begins to understand how she can attain lasting peace. She must somehow find a way to bring her husband and daughter that same peace by finding a new love for them and helping to ensure their destiny and happiness.

ALMOST HEAVEN is a heavenly story designed to enchant readers with its wondrous message of hope and the great power of faith. Like the memorable film "Always," ALMOST HEAVEN rejuvenates the spirit and heals the soul. (May, 450 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin