Accidentally taken aboard a sloop-of-war, Meg Barrette poses a problem for privateer Captain Cosimo, who offers his services as a spy and sometime assassin to the Crown. He is on a critical mission, but Ana, his assigned partner, is missing, perhaps taken by the French.

His unexpected passenger may not be a hindrance after all, for Meg bears a striking resemblance to Ana. Cosimo finds Meg to be an unusual female, independent, intelligent and strong willed.

Meg is aware of the lustful spark between them and becomes his partner in a game of espionage. But when Cosimo divulges the truth about the mission, can Meg continue with him? When he has his quarry in his sight, he must make a decision: Meg's life if his mission fails, or thousands of lives saved if he succeeds?

Feather's romance is full of adventure, intrigue, sizzling sensuality and well-developed characters, all set against the backdrop of the Napoleonic War. SENSUAL (Jan., 464 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond