Three friends discover an old college roommate has written a book about how to have a perfect life and used them as examples of what not to do. The friends react by making a pact to face their fears and change their lives within a year.

Maddy wanted so much to be an artist, she even sacrificed a high school romance for her aspirations, but somehow her life slipped off track. Now the opportunity has come to once again take up her paintbrushes, but it includes working at a summer camp run by the man whose heart she broke long ago.

Joe is shocked to find his mother has hired Maddy as arts director of their camp. His love for her is not to be denied, even though he thought he'd never forgive her. Will Maddy find the courage to accept his challenge to pursue her art, even at the risk of losing Joe again?

This is a heartwarming, humorous story that touches on the deep grief of loss and the great joy of dreams fulfilled. The characters become like family, and the next friend's story is eagerly anticipated. (Sep., 304 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley