Spunky, independent pilot Jeanne Stewart has had it with her sexist mechanic, who swears he's checked every possible item in her helicopter. When she bumps into handsome, suave, solid-as-a-brick-wall Chris Harris, she's taken aback. Where'd he come from?

Chris likes the way Jeanne looks, but something isn't quite right. He doesn't think he's prepared to love anyone, even though Jeanne captures his attention. Although an interest is there for both, nothing seems to go right, and when Jeanne is hired to fly Chris to a meeting the two are at odds.

When the faulty 'copter crashes they're left to fend for themselves and depend on each other. That is just the beginning of their troubles.

Do recent air mishaps have anything to do with their crash? Jeanne suspects so, but she's totally unprepared for what she discovers.

Aloha Love is an interesting story with a distinctive setting and a pleasing plot. Terrific dialogue and genial characters combine to create a compelling tale. (Jan., 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Linda Mae Baldwin