Image of Alone (A Bone Secrets Novel)


Image of Alone (A Bone Secrets Novel)

Elliot never ceases to amaze readers with her magnificent gift for romantic suspense, and book four of the Bone Secrets series is absolute proof. This novel has numerous engaging main and supporting characters who blend together in perfect symmetry, and fans of mystery will revel in the sheer thrill of uncovering the evil crime. The romance is stimulating, presented just right, and doesn’t overpower the dark adventure. Alone will definitely leave readers breathless! May the fourth be with you.

Forensic anthropologist Dr. Victoria Peres is needed at a horrific crime scene at Forest Park where six young girls clad in white dresses were found arranged in a circle. Five are dead, and one clings to life. It’s strangely similar to another murder scene unearthed almost 50 years ago. As Victoria attempts to find the connection, medical examiner Seth Rutledge, her former love, shows up. He struggles to win her heart as she struggles to stay alive. (MONTLAKE, Jan., 352 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi