Promotional executive Deanna Manetti risks all for love—and loses big time when the jerk frames her for his murder and the theft of $3 million. Running from the police and a vicious drug lord, Deanna plows her car into an embankment in the middle of nowhere.

Then along comes Jones—Shepard Jones, an ex-U.S. marshal turned Montana rancher. Shep doesn't mind playing Good Samaritan, but he's got a lot to work through, healing from a bullet wound and a cruel jilt from a New York socialite. He's not ready to risk his heart again on a cute city slicker. What is she hiding behind those vulnerable baby-blues?

Windsor draws the reader in with deft humor, outstanding sensory detail and characters brimming with believable emotions. Shep and Deanna's heartfelt struggles between doubt and faith will uplift as well as entertain. (Mar., 308 pp., $11.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson