Image of Along Came Trouble


Image of Along Came Trouble

Kern’s third Trouble book is a beautiful study in balance. Her sense of humor shimmers, but her prose packs an emotional punch that is unforgettable. Her characters are fascinating and multifaceted alone, but as a couple they shine, finding the courage to deal with the best and worst in each other while side by side. This story is smoldering and sexy, and the depth of feeling that is woven throughout this story is genuinely touching. Kern’s fans will be delighted by this installment, which will hopefully win her a legion of new readers.

Elisa Cardoso arrives in Trouble, Wyoming, dreaming of photographing the stunning landscape and agrees to dabble in food photography. But when she is hired by the Golden Glove Sports Bar and meets the sexy owner, the work suddenly becomes a lot more interesting. Brody McDermott is quite eager to get to know the beauty working behind the camera, but from the first kiss, he knows he wants much more. Brody’s past is a mess of mistakes, and though Elisa says she won’t be scared off, her job could take her half a world away — unless Brody finds the courage to give her a reason to stay. (FOREVER, Nov., 432 pp., $8.00)

Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown