The second installment in the Matthews Sisters series will leave you eager for the third from page one. Award-winner Pillow weaves hot, steamy sex into a great story.

Detective Megan Matthews doesn't consider a family vacation a good time, but she's been suspended from the force, and photographer Ryan Lucas is responsible. Ryan's first photo of her in action got her transferred from the department. When his second photo catches her stepping on evidence, her boss "suggests" she go on vacation. As her family prepares to leave for their trip, Ryan appears and introduces himself as her fiance -- a ploy Megan's sister helped plan.

Unaware of Ryan's true feelings for her -- and his love of her strength of character and honesty -- Megan believes he's nothing but a journalist looking for one more sensational story and won't let him explain otherwise. The action heats up when Megan cannot resist her strong attraction to him. (Cheek, Oct., 256 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown