A slow pace and repetitive details
make this novel difficult to finish. Summarization of events in the preceding novel, Sunrise Alley, and laying of the groundwork for plot development slow the pace for the first 100 pages. Technical details covered in one chapter reappear later and the characters do not demonstrate emotional growth
to help readers form a connection
with them.

Evil genius Charon created Alpha, a beautiful female android, to look after his business responsibilities and personal pleasure. Lieutenant General Thomas Wharington is in charge of extracting information from her about Charon's criminal empire. Thomas' superiors want to dismantle Alpha to get answers, but Thomas is unsure if it will be murder to do so. This conflict gives Alpha the opportunity to escape and kidnap Thomas. With Charon presumed dead, Alpha still seeks to complete her unknown mission. Is she capable of making her own choices? Or will Thomas pay with his life for the answers he seeks? (Baen, Sep., 288 pp., $25.00)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart