This book is playful and fun. Entertaining and fast-paced dialogue make this a great read. With a twist on the alpha and submissive dynamic, readers are able to see that when an alpha shifter mates with another alpha, there are more then just sparks, there are fireworks. This book has some serious heat, with enough genuine emotion to really make it a dynamic read.

Alpha Serena Goldwolf vows to never become submissive to her mate, like her mother. She meets her match when alpha Damien Blackwolf barges into her office. He is a very angry customer of her shapeshifter dating site Damien calms down when he realizes that his true match is standing right in front of him. Serena knows that if she submits to Damien she will lose part of herself, but Damien is not about to let his mate get the upper hand! (ELLORASCAVE.COM, dl $5.60)

Reviewed by: 
Eve Polak