Heroine Scarlett is a truly admirable character. Her horrible past experiences are difficult to overcome, but when given the chance to change her future she grabs it with both hands. While it difficult to read about Scarlett’s painful life, it is wonderful to see her learn to trust her mate Michael. Equal parts patient, caring, sexy and humble, Michael is a character anyone would adore. Fans following the Westervelt Wolves series will already know and love this hero and his brothers, but new readers need not be concerned with learning the series’ backstory. The author does a fantastic job explaining the wolf packs and their struggles. After finishing this tale, readers new to the Westervelt Wolves will want to download the previous four books in the series.

Michael, an Alpha wolf from the Northeast Westervelt pack, has come to New Orleans to track down a sister he never knew he had. But instead of locating his sibling, Michael finds the female shifter who will be his mate, Scarlett. She has been beaten and abused, and is unable to shift into wolf form, which puts her in a vulnerable position in her violent pack. Scarlett is both terrified of her mate as well as strangely comforted by his promises of safety. Michael is outraged that Scarlett has been mistreated and will do anything to save her. But with his evil father threatening his own pack, Michael only has a short time to find his sister, bond with his mate and try to help these misguided Southern wolves behave. (Liquid Silver Press, January 2011, dl. $5.75)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne