A pleasant, unexpected surprise, this is a fantasy novel that embraces the old style of writing fantasy. Altered Destiny is incredibly well written. It depends little on fantasy tropes, has a clear and realistic romantic element and above all else, puts the story first. Selia is a strong central character with very human flaws and a tendency towards heroics, while hero Jaden brings an interesting twist to current obsession with vampiric characters, although he is not a vampire. What a fabulous find, a meaty novel that is a great pick for e-book readers!

Selia, the daughter of a former prostitute, has inherited the inn at the Crossroads between her kingdom and lands of the monstrous Svistra. There, she and her brother, Oren, have managed a hardscrabble life, and Selia has earned a reputation as a fair but tough innkeeper. However, their lives change on the night that Selia discovers an injured Svistra man, and hides him in her barn. There's an increasing troop presence in the area as her country prepares to go to war against the Svistra and keeping this man safe — and why she should want to — leads to more adventure than Selia and Oren ever wanted. (CARINA PRESS, Sept. 2011, dl., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs