Aric of Burhart vows he will never marry; women cannot be trusted. However, King Henry has other ideas. Aric is to marry the kings daughter Rosamundenot the daughter of his union with Eleanor, but his mistress child. Rosamunde is not prepared to marry, but must do her fathers bidding.

Aric and Rosamunde travel to Goodhall to begin their married life. They find Goodhall in disrepair, especially the stables. Rosamunde adores animals, and Aric allows her to tend them in the castle (which makes for hilarious scenes and much discomfort for Aric).

When Henry dies and Richard is crowned king, Aric fears Rosamunde is in danger. Rosamunde tries to protect him, while he is trying to protect her. Then while trying to uncover an assassin they receive unexpected help from Queen Eleanor. Together they must discover if Henry has chosen well by forcing them to wed.

Ms. Sands again proves her gift for capturing the historical period by blending fictional characters with real people. Intrigue and humor fill the pages of this sensual romance, as we enjoy some truly unforgettable scenes that will make you laugh and turn up the air conditioning. Enjoy this keeper. SENSUAL (Jul., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner