The third installment in Deveraux's unique and spellbinding Forever series answers some questions but opens the door for even more intriguing ones. While love is the fuel that drives this series, these books are not "romances," they're stories that are rich with paranormal twists and the exploration
of true power.

When we last left Darci Montgomery, she was unable to find kidnapped husband Adam and sister-in-law Boadicea, and she also discovered more about her unusual powers. Psychically gifted, Darci's search for her husband has forced her to delve deeper. She's killed evil beings and used love and a holy object to resurrect the dead.

Now Darci is asked to help with another kidnapping, and she's assisted by FBI agent Jack Hallbrooke. The minute they meet, Darci realizes he is protected by the spirit of a angry woman. Their search for answers takes an unexpected turn when both Darci and Jack are sucked back to 1843.

Unfortunately, Darci finds that her powers are useless in the past. She must find the answers they need and return them both safely to the present without using her psychic gifts.

(Nov., 392 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith