From their very first confrontation, high school counselor Heather Gregory and lawyer Quinn Montgomery strike sensual sparks off each other like matches to dynamite.

Although Heather has taken a special interest in Quinn's troubled teenage daughter, Cynthia, she can't ignore the sexual tension that sizzles between her and Quinn whenever they're in the same room. Her saving grace has been her disgust of Quinn's emotional neglect of Cynthia. When she tells him his daughter is pregnant, Quinn is devastated and she realizes he loves his daughter deeply.

Quinn is unprepared for the all-consuming desire he feels for Heather. The last thing he needs is to get involved with a woman. He's already failed his daughter. Since his wife's death, he's been locked into a cycle of grief and guilt. He can't talk to anyone, let alone Cynthia.

When Cynthia runs away from home, Quinn turns to Heather for help. As they search for Cynthia, Quinn and Heather fall into a web of desire and longing that leads them into a tenuous relationship -a relationship that is ultimately doomed by Cynthia's betrayal and Quinn's tormenting secret which keeps him from commitment. Can Heather's selfless, unconditional love save them all?

FOR ALWAYS is a sensational and provocative debut novel reminiscent of the best of Sandra Brown. Ms. Ford's magnificent story, effortless style and powerful characters will have readers on fire for her next book. (Jan., 384 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson