Drew Gallagher is a man without a past. Now a private investigator with the D.A.s office, he easily slips into many roles in his work. The role hes least comfortable with is hero, but its what he is when he saves a 7-year-old from a molester.

Emma Ramsey is grateful to Drew for rescuing her daughter, but wary. Despite her mixed feelings, she hires him to find her husband, an anti-terrorist ranger lost five years ago in the Caribbean. (The same island that Drew awoke on with amnesia.)

Drew puts Emmas life in danger, her friends dont approve of him, he makes her betray her husbands memory and her little girl is calling him daddy. Yet he repeatedly comes to their rescue. The Ramsey females have touched Drews heart. Now he must rescue this missing ranger and deliver him to Emma, whom Drew has come to love. Luckily, his guardian angel is trying to set things rightif she doesnt mess up again!

Good and evil face off in this emotional, action-packed romantic suspense. Ms. Miller proves herself a skillful storyteller as her tale unfolds. Poignant. Suspenseful. Wonderful. A keeper! (Apr., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria C. Ferrer