ALWAYS A HERO (3) by Justine Davis: In this emotional, if somewhat slow, story, a man finds his new life after losing the old. Wyatt Blake grew up in a small town but left 20 years ago when he finished high school. He returns to town with his middle-school-age son, Jordan. The two are not getting along; Jordan is rebelling and Wyatt doesn’t know what to do. When he finds out Jordan has been going to Kai Reynolds’ music shop, Wyatt is suspicious. Kai is a former rock-and-roll singer and he is afraid Jordan is getting involved with drugs. But Kai, who lost her husband to drugs, has never used them and is angry that Wyatt would suggest it. However, she wants to help Wyatt learn how to be a father to Jordan. Then Wyatt learns someone from his old life might be after him. In this heartfelt story, Wyatt is harder to sympathize with than Kai, but his growing relationship with his son will move readers.

Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor