All Christopher (Kit) Ramsey wants is to claim his inheritance and control his own life. He has no idea that he will have responsibilities as the fifteenth Earl of Kilgannon and one of them is Mariah Shaughnessy. As the new earl, he becomes her guardian.

Convent-bred and a talented baker of delectable tarts, Mariah wants nothing more than a London season and to choose the man she is to marry. Since she will soon be 21 and must marry to claim her fortune, Mariah has to convince Kit to help her learn to be a "lady."

Turning Mariah into a real lady provides both the humor and the poignancy in this beguiling romance. As Kit learns of his true heritage and how he and Mariah are tied by a childhood bond, he begins to fall in love with his enchanting ward. But even as Mariah returns his love, there is a sinister force out to destroy them.

Known for her heartwarming love stories, whether they're set in the American West or the British Isles, Rebecca Hagan Lee knows how to bring readers into a story by creating likable, intelligent, utterly charming characters that we care about, and then incorporating their romance into a tale filled with emotion. SENSUAL (Oct., 290 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin