When her father asks Skye to spy for him, she jumps at the chance of adventure. Unlike her sisters, Skye loves trouble and trouble loves Skye.

Skye takes the job of housekeeper in inventor Jonathan Parnell's Hudson River mansion. It seems a simple task to find out if Mr. Parnell is working on a secret invention and give her father the information. But then there's his bodyguard, Walker Caine...

Walker suspects the demure servant is up to something and means to find out just what it is. Before long Skye and Walker are tangled in a mystery that draws them into danger and makes them wonder about their reclusive employer, his servants and a young woman and her son Skye has tried to protect. This story has a chilling ending sure to satisfy old Gothic readers and mystery fans alike.

This fourth book in the series about the five red-headed Dennehy sisters, keeps you turning the pages in a frying pan into the fire romance. Her delightful humor, pacing and scintillating mystery gives everyone one great read! SENSUAL (Reissue, March, 448 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin