This Lotus Circle offering is a top-notch read blending a backstory of romance with a realistic, and often violent, suspense tale. Rochelle's written a well-crafted heroine who's got extra-special skills.

As a teenager, Faith Wilding discovered she could communicate telepathically with Mark Halloran, the boy next door. Now a bestselling author, Faith hides her ability. Taken hostage when his special ops team is ambushed during a mission, Mark can send only brief messages to Faith. When she gets Mark's cries for help, Faith must share her secret and trust others to help. Turning to her Aunt Vivi and the Lotus Circle, Faith strengthens her psychic ties to Mark. When her search for information gets too close to the truth, Faith's own life is endangered and the clock on Mark's life is ticking. (, dl $6.49)
Reviewed by: 
Karen Sweeny-Justice