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by Joanne Rock

Genre: Series, Harlequin Blaze, Current Series Imprints

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ALWAYS READY (3) by Joanne Rock: Is the basis of a successful relationship nature or nurture? Matchmaker Lacey Sutherland believes in nurtured similarities and has a program she thinks will create more accurate matches. When she tests it with herself, she finds an almost perfect match in Puerto Rico and goes to meet him. It's a complete disaster. He turns out to be a drug dealer and a sexual predator. Coast Guard Lt. Damon Craig comes to her rescue and discovers a fast attraction. Can Damon and Lacey have a lasting relationship when he believes in nature -- attraction from the beginning? While a sexy read, Lacey is too naïve for her profession, and we don't learn about her sad background, which would make her more understandable, until late in the story.

Reviewed By: Page Traynor

Publisher: HARLEQUIN

Published: March 2009

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3 Stars

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I reccomend for the sex; romance could use some work.

Submitted by Military_l0ve (not verified) on February 13, 2011 - 6:04pm.

The book is slow in the begining and it makes no sense with everything else as it goes on. However, as it gets to the middle where they're in the club and she's highly dosed with Extasy it starts getting better. The sex is mind blowing and turns you on in an instant and makes you go out and WANT a military man. It makes you picture things like never before and makes you hot in a matter of seconds. Afterwards this book you will not want to put down. But in the end it gets boring again; the way he rescued her was not only moving and sweet but I can't help but call it boring in the end. I reccomend it for the sex but the rom ance could use work.