With her father's untimely death, Melora Deanne returns home to her ranch outside Rawhide, Wyoming, and promptly falls in love with the town's most prominent citizen, Wyatt Holden. On the eve of her wedding, Melora is abducted by a man, claiming to be the real Wyatt, a man determined to expose her fianc as a murderer.

Cal Holden must clear his name and prove that the man masquerading as Wyatt Holden is the con artist, Rafe Campbell. The only way to do it is by kidnapping Melora. He never expects her to be so beautiful, courageous, sharp-tongued and spirited-the perfect match for Cal.

Melora is worried about her crippled little sister, Jinx, and what her abduction will do to the fragile child, yet she cannot convince Cal to give up his quest for vengeance.

Their relationship blossoms into a powerful love when Cal is forced to bring Melora to his family's home. Beginning to believe and trust Cal, Melora decides to help him, placing herself in danger and almost ruining Cal's chance to expose Rafe.

With both tenderness and tough Western grit, Jill Gregory brings to life a delightful romance that is part Americana and all Western! Balancing the good and the bad, passion and pride, humor and action/ adventure along with a remarkable cast of characters, Ms. Gregory has crafted a sure-fire winner. SENSUAL (Apr., 371 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin