Heiress Amanda Doulton has been missing ever since the night her mother Christine woke her and informed Amanda that they had to flee. What caused Christine to leave in such a panic? Why did they never contact the family again? After many long years, Amanda is finally coming home to the Doulton family estate; but is she really Amanda? There have been quite a few imposters over the years trying to claim Amanda's inheritance; is this one for real?

Family attorney and neighbor Walker McLellan is not so sure. None of her evidence is conclusive and the DNA tests won't be back for several weeks. But when patriarch Jesse Doulton gets a look at her, he is convinced she is his granddaughter.

The Doulton family relationships are complex and strained. Jesse rules his grandsons Reece and Sully Lattimore with iron hands, and his beautiful daughter Kate has spent her life unsuccessfully trying to gain her father's attention. None of them are too happy with the attention Jesse is showering on Amanda. The stakes are high for everyone involved, since Jesse is dying and time is running out.

When Amanda is poisoned and the guard dogs disappear, Walker fears that she has become the target of someone with a deadly secret tokeep whether or not she is the original Amanda.

Beloved author Kay Hooper's eagerly awaited new novel is a magnificent blend of foreboding suspense, excellent characterizations and explosive passion. Kay Hooper's shining talent is a perfect match for the romantic suspense genre. AMANDA is destined to be a mega hit! (Sept., 307 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith