The always innovative Jayne Ann Krentz takes a dazzling star turn into the future under an old pseudonym with this scintillating foray into love in another place and time.Ms. Castle's deceptively simple storytelling is an oasis of delight for readers who appreciate nuance and wit, as well as the heady charm of a great romance.

On the recently settled planet of St. Helen's, mankind has reverted to the tried-and-true method of professional matchmaking to find a mate and woe be unto anyone who attempts to choose a spouse by any other means.

Consider, then, the plight of tough businessman Lucas Trent and beautiful security expert Amaryllis Lark. They first meet professionally when he hires her to help him confirm the nature of an information leak in his company. Although they clash almost immediately, there is equal indication of a passion hot enough to set them both on fire. How, then, can either of them possibly accept a different mate?

Meanwhile, they must join their unusual psychic gifts to catch a ruthless killer whose powerful mental abilities have gone totally out of control.

(Oct., 328 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer