A stranded space traveler coerces recently widowed Melanie to return the alien's spaceship to its home worldand its mate.

Training modules are implanted in Melanie's brain to acclimate her to the new planet she'll soon be visiting. Reve is upset that Melanie has replaced his mate in the spaceship and callously uses his mental powers to read her mind and control her actions, even as he's intrigued by her blatant emotions.

Melanie's training modules did prepare her for the new world, but the people are so strange! Reve looks exactly like her dead husband, and in fact, all the Amaryllians look like famous people from her world. What are they hiding?

Tricia McGill delivers a good, solid romance with endearing aliens and a slight tinge of suspense. AMARYLLIS is a charming futuristic by a fan favorite! ($6.00 dl)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper